ShiYiChi, shortened to SYC, means "pick up a utensil" in Mandarine. 

SYC is based in the UK who dedicates itself to the introduction and promotion of Taiwan culture and Taiwan craftwork such as Taiwanese award-winning ceramist's earthenware, traditional and modern painting, wooden gadget, metalwork, etc.
SYC Taiwan Arts and Crafts is a Taiwanese collective brand which was founded in 2017 by DCL Group International Ltd in London, who put effort for providing chances for you to meet with the sense of beauty that Taiwanese craftsmen have succeeded in creating craftwork by merging the matchless craftsmanship and modern thoughts.
The outstanding cultural products of the leading craftsman and artists in Taiwan have been selected and presented by SYC for every handicraft lovers and collectors in the UK and Europe. Each of the selected delicate craftwork was created by applying unique presentation techniques, creative thoughts and artistic spirit.
SYC hopes all of the arts and crafts lovers could have a great time to experience Taiwanese artists' passion and to create an excellent expression from Taiwan by holding a craftwork in your hand.



A:  80 Allitsen Rd., London NW8​

E:  info@shiyichi.com

SYC Taiwan Arts and Crafts
DCL Group International Ltd.

MON - FRI:  10am - 6pm

SATURDAY:   11am - 5pm

SUNDAY:   Close

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