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Chiu Yi-Chih

Taiwanese ceramic artist

Chiu Yi-Chih, a talented Taiwanese ceramist, was engaged in ceramics for more than 30 years. He dedicated himself to the research of glaze, analysing the relationship between the thickness of glaze, the formula ratio of feldspar and the temperature of the kiln. He became very successful and mastered his unique techniques, that's why he is called the magician of furnace transmutation.


Tenmoku teacups and Tenmoku Yuteki teabowl are featured prominently in Chiu's ceramic creation. His works have a thin, short linear pattern on the black glazed surface like millet, a gramineous plant. Among these Tenmoku teacups, those with spots that emerged as a result of the re-crystallisation of the minerals in glaze and with the oil-spot pattern were called Yuteki.




Tenmoku (天目) is a type of Japanese pottery and porcelain that originates from Chinese Jian ware (建盏) of the Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279), original examples of which are also called tenmoku in Japan. Tenmoku glazing style is a dark glaze type composed of feldspar, limestone and iron oxide.  When fired this creates a kind of oil spotting effect, and the more quickly it is cooled (after firing), the darker the overall effect will be.

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