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Lin Yijie

Taiwanese ceramic artist

Lin Yijie is a ceramist and the owner of Half Moon Ceramic Studio in Taiwan. He is especially famous for his works of “liu-shui (流水)” which means “ flowing water”, with frogs on them.


In ancient time as well as today, Chinese people believe that feng-shui has an effect on health, wealth and personal relationships. Feng-shui is a discipline with guidelines that are compatible with many techniques and agricultural planning as well as internal furniture arrangements. Space, weather, astronomy and geomagnetism are all basic components of feng-shui.


Liu-shui is one of the things what is so popularly adopted to improve nice feng- shui. As flowing water is one of the elements which could enlive environment and bring people vitality and good fortune. Normally people would place liu-shui in a living room or a garden.


The frog is one of Lin Yijie’s favourite creatures. He loves to observe all kinds of frogs since his early childhood. So when he started to design liu-shui, it’s not at all a surprise that frogs playing with water became a major theme of his works. With Lin Yijie’s inspiration and creation, liu-shui became some interesting little theatres for the frogs. And their stages could have various forms, such as leaves of water lily, rocks and else. Lin Yijie said all his frogs are great actors to convey the joy and humour of life to people, with their own characters and gestures. Lin Yijie’s liu-shui series are not only items associated with feng-shui but also collector’s items and a resource of the joy of our life.

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